Frequently Asked Questions

About RDS

What is Real Dev Squad?

Real Dev Squad is a community of developers, where we come together to learn, use that in building projects, prepare for interviews, help each-other, put those projects online and try to help the set of new developers or freshers, helping them get better jobs and higher salaries with quality work. We come from all walks of lives and all kinds of background, with one thing in common: Wanting to work with others and improve ourselves.

How do I contribute to RDS?

As of now we're having 7 projects. Every project and the corresponding tech stack is mentioned below :

I get what the squad is about, but how do I join the squad?

We communicate over a Discord channel. If you wish to join the Discord channel, please contact any of our members to get invitation link.

Git Related Questions

I don't know Git. Can I still contribute?

Learning Git is highly recommended, but if you do not know it yet, please follow this guide to get started with Git.