New to Real Dev Squad?
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Discord is a chat app, similar to apps such as Skype, or app widely used for professional communications like Slack.

It’s geared towards multiple users, providing them with ways to find each other, coordinate and talk while using it.

It supports video calls, voice chat, and text, allowing users to get in touch however they please.

We have created different channels based on the task making things much easier to keep information straight & segregated.

Lets get started with Discord

Discord has the server named Real Dev Squad.

There are multiple categories inside it

  • Live: Which lets you connect with the members.You can seperatly get connected on call with members of specific channel.
  • Admin: All Channels related to admin.
  • Main: It has channels for general disussion,progress-updates ,newcomers & Support.
    1. #general: It carries general discussions.
    2. #newcomers: All info related to newcomers are floated in it.
    3. #progress-updates: All info related to current ongoing task,discussions are posted here.
    4. #support: In case you are stuck on need some help everyone is there to help you keep running.
  • Text Channels: Contains multiple other channels in it.
  • Learning: It contains different technology related channels plus channel for interview preparation.
  • Dev groups: It contains channels for different projects.
  • Tasks Channels : Channels for seperate tasks.